Immersing in the music with ballet bars, mirrors and wooden floor, students of Ballet classes at Kinergie Studio can explore this sophisticated dance, build their fit body and health, or become a professional dancer. Furthermore, practicing ballet will help enhance your fundamental dance techniques for faster learning other dance and performing arts.


1. Ballet FIT
BALLET FIT utilizes Ballet as a tool to train our bodies effectively. With Ballet FIT, you will not only be able to own a stronger, more flexible body, but also learn how to move gracefully like a Ballet dancer! Ballet FIT is suitable for all ages. Ballet FIT exercises include the basic of Ballet, and also flexibility and endurance exercises. You will workout to classical music, in an artful and relaxing atmosphere. Come, enjoy the dance, and be energized for the entire week!
2. BALLET FOR THE COMPLETE BEGINNERS – Ballet course for anyone who loves to dance but never started.

Have you ever wanted to unlock the mystery that is Ballet – one of the oldest classical dance disciplines? Have you ever wanted to become a swan flying across the stage? Everything has its beginning, and it’s never too late! Register NOW for a course of Ballet for the Complete Beginners! At Kinergie Studio, we aim to bring Ballet closer to everyone, at any age! With Ballet for the Complete Beginners, you will be acquainted with all the basic Ballet vocabulary, and trained all the basic Ballet techniques. In addition, training in Ballet will give you a leaner, more flexible and stronger body. Not only that, you will learn to move gracefully like the princesses in the old fairy tale! Why wait? Start NOW!

Suitable for anyone who already has any knowledge of Ballet.

Suitable for ballet learners and dancers who wish to improve further.

*OPEN CLASS, like its name, is open to anyone who enjoys Ballet, from amateurs to professionals.
• Open Classes have multiple levels. Dance students can choose to take higher level classes for the challenge and faster improvement, or choose to take lower level classes to work on the techniques.
• Each day the teacher will give out a set of exercises (combinations) in class. Dance students have an opportunity to sharpen their minds in order to analyze and memorize the exercises quickly. This is neccessary and very important for dancers.
• In addition, due to the nature of Open Classes, different from the traditional way of teaching where dance students have to remember the combinations for a long time to work on techniques, students can come back to dance at any time even when they have not been dancing for a long time. Dance students only need to choose classes that have the suitable levels and timeslots. However, Kinergie Studio strongly recommends students to attend classes regularly, as Ballet, like many other artform, requires regular practice to perfect techniques, and to train yourself to be strong, flexible and graceful.
Graduated from the Viet Nam Dance College, he had been a principal dancer of Viet Nam National Opera & Ballet (VNOB) for many years. After that, he went to France to study and perform as a contemporary dancer during 1999-2005. He is one of the few Vietnamese dancers who have worked with the famous choreographer Régine Chopinot and her company Ballet Atlantique in France. Beside teaching and being the artistic director at Kinergie Studio, he also teaches dance at the Military University of Culture and Arts.



Dance is an art that can contribute a lot to the development of little dance students. With Ballet, little dance students will be trained to be stronger, more flexible, and will be acquainted with proper body alignment and graceful movements. This will not only contribute a lot to the development of the body structures, but will also increase little dance students’ confidence. Ballet also requires high level of disciplines, which will develop little dance students’ concentrating ability. Learning Ballet, little dance students also learn music, art, developing creativity, and a beautiful soul. The teacher of Ballet for Kids is the Meritorious Artist Nguyen Quynh Nga, who is experienced in teaching and performing.

Born in 1984, upon graduating from the Viet Nam Dance College, Meritorious Artist Nguyen Quynh Nga has been working at the Viet Nam National Opera & Ballet (VNOB) since 2003 til now. She is the principal dancer for many ballets at the VNOB, and she has performed in many other countries such as the USA, Germany, France, Sweden, Netherland, South Korea…
Quynh Nga is experienced in teaching Ballet to children and adults at many art centers. In 2015, she is awarded the Meritorious Artist title.

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Ballet Fit